About Us

HELIOS (ἤτοι... φωτογραφικὴ ὁμὰς έλιος) is a photographic team consisted of some photographically unrestful young people who continuously try, like an other Medusa's head, to freeze the photographic Time and place according to Henri-Cartier Bresson the head, the eye and the heart on the same axis.

The effort is wearing and many time ineffective. The photographic event keeps escaping the team members' attention whose look is not yet acute enough. Failure lies in ambush in every click of the camera...

Everyday reality is always present but the photographic World is not that apparent. The artist’s primal responsibility is the discovery of the latter and its introduction to the outside as an alternative way of viewing Life. The means of this effort is the artist’s unconditional self-display, that is the presentation of his work. Only then his total exposure (f/1.8) can be established.

This is the purpose of the current page; to have photos posted from time to time by the members of H e l i o s in order to propose a new perspective of the non-photographic World through the photographic prism of the team.

The off is given. The trip unfolds ahead difficult but nonetheless intriguing.